The 12-Week Holiday Planner by Sheri Graham

The 12-Week Holiday Planner


Do your holidays seem to always become stressful and full of “wait to the last minute” to do items? If so, then this course is for you!

My desire in putting together this course is to provide a tangible way for you to plan out your holidays so they are enjoyable, less stressful, and more filled with the things that really matter.  I know that there have been many times that I get in the midst of all the holiday preparations, shopping, gift making, etc., and I lose my focus.  I become overwhelmed and forget what Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about. 

Many of you have enjoyed Marilyn Moll’s ( holiday timetable over the years, helping you plan out your holidays. Well, when I saw Marilyn’s timetable I thought it would be great to make some forms for myself to use along with it…creating my own holiday planner.  As I began the task of creating all these forms, the Lord prompted me that there may be others who would be blessed by these forms too.  So I contacted Marilyn about compiling the timetable and all the forms into a format that I could offer on my website.  Marilyn graciously consented and has embarked on this journey with me to provide a very usable and helpful resource for you to use in your own home.

---> You can see a free preview of sample pages below under Week 1! <---

The 12-Week Holiday Planner will…

  • begin the first week of October – no more last minute scrambling!
  • give you detailed To Do Lists each week – yes, we tell you exactly what to do each week so you are ready for the holidays!
  • give you lots of forms to fill out and put in your very own Holiday Planner notebook (all forms are editable)
  • make your life less stressful so that you can enjoy this special time of year with your family
  • give you some of our favorite holiday recipes to try
  • encourage you to be intentional while planning to make your holidays special

What you will find in this course:

  • Blank monthly and weekly calendar pages for planning your year
  • Weekly “To Do” lists showing exactly what needs to be done each week
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Menus forms
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Recipe Card forms
  • A Holiday Self-Evaluation form
  • Shopping Lists
  • “Sheri’s Tips”- tips to make your holidays meaningful, shared throughout the course
  • Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas
  • Memory Making Ideas for the Family
  • Holiday Journal Pages
  • Many, many forms such as: 
  • Christmas Gift Shopping List
  • Gift Making Checklist
  • Christmas Card Checklist
  • Holiday Wardrobe Planner
  • List of Baked Items to Share/Give Away
  • Favorite Meals to Freeze for Later
  • Decoration Ideas
  • Needed Supplies to Purchase This Week
  • Holiday Baking Schedule
  • Kids’ Gift Idea List
  • Christmas Gifts to be Shipped
  • PLUS!!! Two bonus weeks with family tradition ideas, menus, and more!
  • PLUS!!! Some of our favorite holiday recipes!
  • PLUS!!! Holiday Coloring Pages!

All forms in The Holiday Planner are in editable PDF format!

Yes, that’s right! All the forms in the Holiday Planner are editable. If you are not familiar with editable PDF files, you will be able to type into the fields to customize the forms specifically for your family.  Once you have them edited as you want, then simply print them, or save them to edit more later.  You will LOVE these!  We pray they will bless you as our desire is to make this planner very usable and helpful!

A happy customer:

All I can say is WOW! It is fantastic! Everything that you need to plan the holidays is there in a clear, concise and organized way. I think you could even fill in some sections earlier in the year like the gift giving if you intend to make homemade gifts, e.g. sewing and such. All the forms are fantastic and user friendly. And the best thing is that you have a record year by year of what worked well and how you can improve on the year before! A wonderful resource and must have for any family!  ~ Joy McDonald-Homeschool Mom

Buy once, and never buy another holiday planner again!

Buy yours today and begin your holiday planning now! Get ready for a more meaningful, organized, Jesus-centered holiday season!

What's included?

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About the Authors
Setting Up Your Holiday Planner
How to Set Up Your Planner
The Holiday Planner-Front Cover
1.16 MB
Editable Weekly Divider Pages
315 KB
Editable Divider Page
925 KB
Monthly Calendar
62.5 KB
Weekly Calendar
75.4 KB
Master Lists - Divider Pages
1.16 MB
Week 1: List Week (October 3-9)
Week #1 Podcast Audio
16 mins
Week 1 - Divider Tab
846 KB
Week 1 - Items to Do
65.6 KB
Week 1-Gift Making Checklist
193 KB
Week 1-Favorite Meals to Freeze for Later
62.2 KB
Week 1-Freezer Meals Recipe Cards
130 KB
Week 1-Holiday Self-Evaluation
72.2 KB
Week 1-Thanksgiving Menus
77.8 KB
Week 1-Thanksgiving Recipe Cards
131 KB
Week 1-List of Baked Items to Share or Give Away
90.7 KB
Week 1-Holiday Baking Recipe Cards
133 KB
Week 1-Christmas Menus.pdf
77.8 KB
Week 1-Christmas Recipe Cards
544 KB
Week 1-Holiday Wardrobe Planner
108 KB
Week 1-Christmas Card Checklist
66.8 KB
Week 1-Christmas Gift Shopping List
183 KB
Week 1-New Years Day Menus
77.8 KB
Week 1-New Years Recipe Cards
516 KB
Week 2: Browse Week (October 10-16)
Week #2 Podcast Audio
11 mins
Week 2 - Divider Tab
833 KB
Week 2 - Items to Do
68.9 KB
Week 2-Decoration Ideas
466 KB
Week 2 - Gift Ideas
319 KB
Week 3: Supplies Week (October 17-23)
Week #3 Podcast Audio
8 mins
Week 3 - Divider Tab
847 KB
Week 3 - Items to Do
75.3 KB
Week 3-Needed Supplies to Purchase This Week
57.1 KB
Week 3-Shopping List
108 KB
Week 4: Baking Week (October 24-30)
Week #4 Podcast Audio
9 mins
Week 4 - Divider Tab
852 KB
Week 4 - Items to Do
70.1 KB
Week 4-Holiday Baking Schedule
64.6 KB
Week 4-Kids Gift Idea List
89 KB
Week 5: Gift Making Week (October 31-November 6)
Week #5 Podcast Audio
14 mins
Week 5 - Divider Tab
855 KB
Week 5 - Items to Do
78.9 KB
Week 5-Christmas Letter-Draft
25.4 KB
Week 5-Christmas Letter-1
158 KB
Week 5-Christmas Letter-2
54.7 KB
Week 6: Shopping Week #1 (November 7-13)
Week #6 Podcast Audio
11 mins
Week 6 - Divider Tab
849 KB
Week 6 - Items to Do
78.7 KB
Week 7: Shopping Week #2 (November 14-20)
Week #7 Podcast Audio
11 mins
Week 7 - Divider Tab
845 KB
Week 7 - Items to Do
83.1 KB
Week 7-Shopping List for Thanksgiving
65.2 KB
Week 7-Shopping List
93.6 KB
Week 8: Thanksgiving Week (November 21-27)
Week #8 Podcast Audio
12 mins
Week 8 - Divider Tab
848 KB
Week 8 - Items to Do
98.8 KB
Week 8-Thanksgiving Schedule
58.6 KB
Week 8 - Thanksgiving Crafts
570 KB
Week 9: Mailing Week (November 28-December 4)
Week #9 Podcast Audio
12 mins
Week 9 - Divider Tab
854 KB
Week 9 - Items to Do
83.1 KB
Week 9-Christmas Gifts to Be Shipped
140 KB
Week 9 - Advent Countdown Activity
112 KB
Week 10: Meal Making & Decorating Week (December 5-11)
Week #10 Podcast Audio
11 mins
Week 10 - Divider Tab
850 KB
Week 10 - Items to Do
80.3 KB
Week 10 - Memory Making Ideas
184 KB
Week 10-Christmas Memory Making With Our Children
65.4 KB
Week 10-Freezer Meals Schedule
58.4 KB
Week 10-Holiday Baking Schedule
65.3 KB
Week 11: Final Shopping/Wrapping Week (December 12-18)
Week #11 Podcast Audio
8 mins
Week 11 - Divider Tab
853 KB
Week 11 - Items to Do
79.3 KB
Week 11-Last Minute To Do Items-Parties-Concerts-Family Activities
65.2 KB
Week 12: Enjoy Your Christmas Celebration Week (December 19-25)
Week #12 Podcast Audio
5 mins
Week 12 - Divider Tab
852 KB
Week 12 - Items to Do
64.7 KB
Week 12-Christmas Week-Schedule
64.3 KB
Weeks 13 & 14: Family Traditions & New Year's (December 26-January 8)
Week #13 & #14 Podcast Audio
10 mins
Weeks 13-14 - Divider Tab
856 KB
Weeks 13-14 - Items to Do
62.6 KB
Week 13 and 14-Holiday Reflections
75.7 KB
Weeks 13-14 - After Christmas Family Tradition Ideas
112 KB
Week 13 and 14-After Christmas Family Traditions
70.6 KB
Weeks 13-14 - Un-Hanging of the Greens Party
236 KB
Weeks 13-14 - New Years Eve or New Years Day Party or Open House
133 KB
Weeks 13-14 - 12 Days of Christmas 12th Night Party
127 KB
Additional Resources
My Holiday Journal
155 KB
Online Christmas Lessons
Sheri’s List of Fun Holiday Links
Christmas Coloring Pages
665 KB
How to Plan an Open House
250 KB
More Holiday eBooks
Our Favorite Holiday Recipes
Marilyns Traditional Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes
150 KB
Marilyns Christmas Breakfast Recipes
121 KB
Marilyns Christmas Dinner Recipes
114 KB
Marilyns Christmas Cookie Recipes
99.9 KB
Sheris Favorite Christmas Recipes
121 KB
Sheris Freezer Meals Recipes
119 KB

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