Homeschool Curriculum Organization Course by Sheri Graham

Homeschool Curriculum Organization Course


Do you have tons of curriculum lying around on your shelves, on your computer, and in online courses?

Are you constantly wondering if you have a certain curriculum to cover a certain subject?

The Homeschool Curriculum Organization Course will take you by the hand and help you do the following:

  • Organize your physical curriculum in your home
  • Organize your digital curriculum (on your computer or on Google Drive)
  • Create a Homeschool Curriculum Inventory
  • Get a system in place to back up all your digital curriculum
  • Learn how to use your Homeschool Curriculum Inventory to plan your curriculum for the new year

Includes videos and printables to help you each step of the way.

Start getting organized today and save money by not buying curriculum you don't need!

Sign up today and get started!

What's included?

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Module #1: How to Create an Inventory of Your Homeschool Curriculum
Step #1 - Download the Curriculum Inventory Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)
Step #2 - Organize & Inventory All Your "Physical" Curriculum
Step #3 - Inventory All Your "Digital" Curriculum
Step #4 - Inventory All Your "Online" curriculum
How to Use the Curriculum Inventory Spreadsheet
Wrapping It Up
Module #2: How to Organize & Back Up All Your Digital Curriculum
Step #1 - Set Up a System of Folders
Step #2 - Move Digital Files to the Right Folders
Step #3 - Update Your Homeschool Curriculum Inventory
Step #4 - Back Up Your Folders
Wrapping It Up
Module #3: Deciding on Curriculum for Next Year
Step #1 - Print Out The Curriculum Planning Form
Step #2 - Fill in the Subjects You Want to Cover This Coming School Year
Step #3 - Determine What You Already Have
Step #4 - Determine What You Still Need
Wrapping it Up

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