Ebook: Wisdom Words from Proverbs-A Student's Journal by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Wisdom Words from Proverbs-A Student's Journal


This Bible study tool can be used individually or as a family to study through the book of Proverbs 12 times during the course of a year! You will cover 12 topics (one each month), recording verses pertaining to that topic onto journaling pages. Pages are provided, as well, for recording what the Lord is teaching you through each topic.

This would be a great family study…focusing on a topic each month. Daily reading of a Proverb and recording of pertinent verses in the journal would provide reinforcement to child training during that month (and in the months ahead). Favorite verses could be chosen for memorization as well.

This would also make a great individual study for older students. Have your high schooler work through this study on his/her own…a wonderful way to gain wisdom for these critical years!

This would also make a great study for any adult seeking wisdom from the Lord. There may be topics you will want to study first…topics that are close to your heart.

However you decide to use this study, I pray it will be a blessing to you as you “dig in” to God’s Word!

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Wisdom Words from Proverbs - Ebook
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