Ebook: Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans


I am so excited to offer this book for your children to read! This old history book for children, written in 1895, is written at a 2nd or 3rd Grade reading level and is packed with wonderful stories of great Americans! Your children will enjoy reading this one on their own OR it can be enjoyed as a family read-aloud.

I am currently offering this book in both ebook and softcover format! I put this book together for my 8 year old son to read (he is really into reading history books) and he really wanted an actual “book” to read. So I decided to make it into a 6″ x 9″ softcover book as well as an ebook.

P.S. The beautiful photograph on the front cover was taken by daughter when she was 14!

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Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans - Ebook
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