Ebook: Sew Your Own - Blue Jean & Flannel Crib Quilt by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Sew Your Own - Blue Jean & Flannel Crib Quilt


This crib quilt project was SO MUCH FUN, that I am going to share it with you! 

Included in this little booklet is a picture of my completed quilt, a pattern for the quilt block, a layout of the baby quilt, and detailed instructions on what to purchase, how to cut the blocks, and sew it all together. 

I will even include a link to a website that has a great pattern for making crib sheets. You can make sheets to match your crib quilt! 

Even if you do not have a baby to sew for, these little quilts make great lap blankets. After I completed my quilt, I showed it to my husband who was relaxing in his easy chair. He pulled it over himself and took a nap! So...it is tried and tested even as a lap blanket! 

I hope you enjoy the project! Ready for an easy sewing project? Buy your Sew Your Own: Blue Jean & Flannel Crib Quilt booklet today!

What's included?

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Sew Your Own - Blue Jean & Flannel Crib Quilt - Ebook
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