Ebook: Menu Planning by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Menu Planning


Is menu planning an area that challenges you? 

Would you like to save money AND be less stressed AND have meals on the table each night? 

Would you like to have your menus and grocery lists planned for a whole month? 

Do you need someone to walk you through step-by-step to making this happen? 

If so, then you might find this is just the ebook for you! Not only will I walk you through each step to planning a whole month of menus and grocery lists, but I will also provide all the forms you will need in the process....AND as an added bonus, I have included a few (over 25 to be exact) of my favorite recipes for you! 

Note: For those of you who may wonder...this ebook is different than my Menu Planning Made Easy ebook. This ebook DOES NOT provide menus for you...this ebook will walk you through the steps to creating your OWN menus using your OWN family favorite recipes! 

Ready to give it a try? Buy your Menu Planning booklet today!

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Menu Planning - Ebook
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