Ebook: Learning for the "Littles" - A Preschool Notebook by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Learning for the "Littles" - A Preschool Notebook


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I had so much fun putting this notebook together for my younger children. I hope you and your “littles” enjoy it as well! Being a mommy of many blessings, I wanted something that would be simple for me to use with my preschool-age children. I wanted something that I (or one of my older children) and my preschooler could sit down and just read through together…curled up on the couch or chair. This notebook is the result.

When Sheri first sent me this ebook, I was thrilled with it! It is an amazing 237-page workbook FILLED with everything you could want to teach your little ones. Learning for the Littles has read-aloud portions for parents (or older siblings) to share with the little ones, as well as activity and practice pages to help pre-schoolers develop their early learning skills.My favorite part was the Character Training section, which encourages character traits like obedience.

Of course, my first thought was, “What about printing all those color pages?” They are beautiful, but I was a bit worried about my toner budget, truth be told. However, I have hit upon an ideal solution! I printed out the book in duplex and put each page into an individual sheet protector, then put them all in a 3-ring binder. Those supplies just cost me a few dollars at my local Wal-Mart. Now, not only is the book durable for little hands, but my littles can do the activity pages with dry-erase markers, and they are totally re-usable (for our many “littles”!). In my opinion, this wonderful book is more than worth the investment. ~ Cindy Carrier at Values Driven Family

Please note that I do not claim that this is a complete preschool curriculum. I don’t really believe that much formal academics need to take place at this young age anyway. But I wanted a fun way for my “littles” to learn some basic things while nurturing close relationships within the family. This notebook is something that you will dig into together…it will be your special time with your preschooler. My son is thoroughly enjoying “his” Preschool Notebook, and I am already seeing learning taking place just from reading through it with him. I pray that you and your children will enjoy this time you have together exploring and learning.

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