Ebook: Intermediate Language Lessons-Part 1 (Grade 4) by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Intermediate Language Lessons-Part 1 (Grade 4)


Welcome to the Graham Family Ministry edition of Intermediate Language Lessons – Part 1.  Taking Emma Serl’s original text (including all the lovely graphics), I have included blank lines throughout the ebook for your child to write in the answers to questions, do copywork, write dictation, write essays, etc.  All work will be done in the workbook, so no other paper is needed.  The best part about the ebook format is that you will be able to use it with all your children.

The original book by Emma Serl is divided up into three parts and is to be used for Grades 4, 5, and 6 or ages 9 through 12.

Part 1 (this ebook) – ages 9-10 (Grade 4) – Lessons 1-100
Part 2 – ages 10-11 (Grade 5) – Lessons 101-195
Part 3 – ages 11-12 (Grade 6) – Lessons 196-301

Each ebook can be used on its own or as part of the series.  I have kept most of the original content and only edited in places that needed updating or clarification.  While I provided blank lines for the student to write the answers for most of the questions in the lessons (except the lessons that are specifically for discussion or narration), you can decide how much work to do orally or in writing.  I have provided a blank lined page at the end of the ebook if extra writing room is needed.



I love this edition of Emma Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons. Emma Serl’s language arts books incorporate such a gentle approach to learning language arts and are very consistent with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education. This ebook edition by Sheri Graham takes Ms. Serl’s works to the next level for the modern day homeschooler. There are three reasons you need to buy this edition:

1. It is two books in one. The original book and a workbook are combined in one easy to use format. The workbook is integrated into the body of the text, allowing ample room for even the largest handwriting.

2. It is complete. It contains all of the original work’s content including the pictures and graphics. There is no need to purchase any other edition.

3. It is the last copy you will ever need. Since it is an ebook, you can simply print out as many copies as needed for all your children.

Sheri Graham’s ebook edition of Intermediate Language Lessons will help make language arts easy. I really love it and wish it had been around when I used this with my older daughter. I can’t wait to use it with my other children.

–Enthusiastic supporter and homeschool mom, Karin Owens

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Intermediate Language Lessons - Part 1 - Ebook
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