Ebook: Copying the Facts-Mastering Math Facts Through Copywork by Sheri Graham

Ebook: Copying the Facts-Mastering Math Facts Through Copywork


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Over the years of homeschooling, I have tried numerous ways to help my children memorize their math facts. Some have seemed to work, others have not. Using the copywork methods of Charlotte Mason, I decided to give Math copywork a try! If my children could learn writing, spelling, and grammar using copywork of “words”, why couldn’t they learn their math facts by copying the “facts”?

This ebook covers all of the addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts (0-10). I decided to not include division, because in my opinion if your children have the multiplication facts memorized they will have no problem dividing. Each copywork page contains a set of facts to be copied over and over until they are mastered. Copywork allows your children to copy and see the correct answers only – which will hopefully cut down on any wrong answers being engrained in their minds. I have also included flashcards that can be used for oral testing or for review!

Idea from a customer on how to use the flashcards!

"I also wanted to share with you an idea that I have for the flashcards.  I am going to print them out on card stock (a different color for each type of fact), write the answer to the question on each flash card on the back of the flashcard, laminate, cut, sort them into sandwich bags, label each set with a sticky label (ei. 6 Times Table) and put in them in order.  When I want my children to practice their math facts, after they are mastered, I will tell them to take out the facts I want them to review and say the answer out loud, and then write their answer with either a dry erase or washable marker on the flashcard to further solidify the answer. I will only do this in the beginning of mastery. If they continue to easily recall the answers, I will just have them continue the flashcards without having to write the answer." - Alana

Tip to save paper!

"I am going to insert the copywork page, on which my child is working, into a protector page. I will have my children use dry erase markers to complete it. Then, each page may be used over and over. You just need to put one page protector at the front of your child's Math binder (if they have one), and insert the copywork page on which they are working. Saves time, paper and ink, and the dry erase markers easily erase off of the protector page!" - Alana

What's included?

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